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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the simplest terms, means creating a website and writing pages to appeal to search engines. Quite often, companies are so focused on building a visually appealing site that they forget the importance of the optimization. The goal of SEO is enhancing the volume and quality of traffic to the site from search engines via organic search results. The organic search results come up in the main body of the search results page, and tend to get more attention than sponsored links.

Our designers will not just help you optimize your website, but will help you understand what it takes to build and maintain the sites that have the best chance of being picked-up by the search engines.

Users normally tend to visit websites that are at the top of this list as they perceive those to be more relevant to the query.

This has many benefits which you are well aware of. Our team is well versed with the latest algorithms used by search engines to index and rank web pages.

Here are some reasons you may consider us;

Do we promise to guarantee #1 ranking?

No Google SEO selection tips say, no one can guarantee a #1 ranking in Google. This is true even for not so competitive words.

Do we use automated submissions?

Never. Automated submissions can get you banned from search engines.

Do we use any black hat SEO tricks?

You need to know in advance what black hat SEO is in order to judge, we recomend you google for that. Getting familiar with the most important black hat SEO tricks is worth. But for the record. No black hat tricks are implemented.

Where do we collect backlinks from? Backlinks are very, very important for SEO success. We dont use link farms and other similar sites, this can cause a lot of trouble.

High price does not guarantee high quality.

If you are eager to pay more, this does not mean that you will get more. There are many reasons for high prices and high quality is only one of them.

Cheap is more expensive.

This is also true. If you think you can pay peanuts for a professional SEO campaign, then you need to think again. We  offer these services at realistic prices.

Do we offer subscription services?

SEO is a constant process and if you want to rank well and keep on like that, efforts are necessary all the time. Because of this, we include post-optimization maintenance, we dont push your site to the top and then leave you in the wild on your own. You may even want to implement SEO Pay Per Click service.